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It’s alive! Adilei LP now available online

We’re happy to announce that is now live and accepting online orders to customers around the world! We have 200 copies of our first release, a remarkable journey through the art of Georgian folk song, brought to us by Ensemble Adilei. In their own words:

Ensemble Adilei consists of a group of friends who perform traditional Georgian songs and chants. Most of us were introduced to singing in our families, or in children’s music groups. After informally singing together for several years, we officially formed our ensemble and started conducting regular rehearsals in 2012.

Our main passion lies in the songs from the province of Guria in Western Georgia, which is the most musically developed region in the country, but we also sing songs from other regions. Gurian music is often compared to jazz, because improvisation is its main component, and all the voice parts move independently from each other, which creates contrapuntal polyphony. One of the main distinguishing characteristics of Gurian song is Krimanchuli, which is a type of yodel that occurs in the upper voice.

Music is the way we communicate with each other and the people around us. For us singing really more of a lifestyle — it is not just relegated to official concerts. We sing every time we gather, be it in a pub or restaurant, while traveling, or hiking in the mountains. Our very first solo concert took place in a female prison, and the second one was in a folk music bar. We have also participated in many other concerts including The Seventh International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony which is held in the Tbilisi State Conservatoire.



Watch Ensemble Adilei improvise a song about washing dishes while on tour in the US: